Yek: Cabriolet / New Paintings / 2004

April 3 – May 8, 2004 Reception for the artist: Saturday, April 3rd, 5-8 pm.

Western Project is proud to present new paintings by Las Vegas artist, Yek. This exhibition marks a quantum shift in scale, shape and imagery. Cabriolet conjures a convertible car speeding along the highway, as the paintings’ new horizontal shape points to a fast-blurring atmosphere, addressing motion and vastness simultaneously.

The paintings are configured using cinema screen formats: 35:1, and 16:9, a high tech perceptual field of vision. Previously his paintings were singular and square; concave portals of light. Now the structures are flat, irregular and sensuous shapes – an abstract flash of cinematic screen imagery. Yek’s colors are no longer faded top to bottom in the image, but right to left, or left to right (driver or passenger?), as vivid sensations of landscape – hence the titles: Forest, Lake, Cave, Slope.

What remains a signature element in this body of work is the artist’s radiant color palette - a perfect balance between the synthetic culture of the Las Vegas strip and the subtleties of desert light. These new paintings also have the feeling of being backlit by a fast, almost familiar, eternal light that seems to allude to natural color, but is more akin to computer monitors, television screens, or dashboard glow. Yek has moved the viewer from a reflective position to the front seat of a cinematic vision.

Yek’s work has recently been acquired by the Albright Knox Art Gallery and has shown in museums and galleries in New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Portland and Paris, and Graz.