Tanya Batura: Beautiful Dreams / New Sculpture / 2006

March 25 – April 29, 2006 Reception for the artist Saturday March 25th, 5-8pm.

Western Project is proud to present the first solo exhibition by Los Angeles artist, Tanya Batura. An MFA graduate of UCLA in 2003, Batura has created a body of work called, Beautiful Dreams, figurative works in a stark and minimal vocabulary, hand built in clay and pristinely finished. Her technical virtuosity is formidable; a haunting perfection of form and surface. Each work is an anonymous and androgynous portrait; life size heads possibly sleeping, dreaming or restrained, each a contrast of pristine materiality and emotion.

It is Batura’s particularly curious blend of historical references: the severe restraint of Canova’s marble faces, the earthy quality of Kiki Smith, and the outside the box thinking of David Cronenberg, which creates these images of complex feeling and drama. Further, Batura has compounded the allure of fetish magazine imagery with Classical notions of beauty, blending them into an erotic ideal. Joining old and new cultural visions brings a familiar sense and uneasiness to her sculptures; a slick and seductive authority, achingly pregnant with possibilities, encouraging us to look deeper into our own sleeping desires and fantasies.