In This house That I Call Home: Group Show / 2006

January 7 – February 4, 2006 Reception for the artists Saturday, January 7th 5-8pm

Oliver Arms Ron Athey Tanya Batura Carole Caroompas Cole Case Justin Dahlberg Katie Herzog Matthew Jordan Lisa Mraz John Scaraga Joe Schmelzer John Schlue Wayne White

Western Project begins the New Year with a group exhibition exploring ideas and experiences of the home. From heaven, to hell and back, it is interpreted by this group of artists with conviction and authority. Carole Caroompas realigns the myth of Rapunzal and her crumbling castle in a huge and complex canvas; accompanied by Ron Athey’s hair towels made of woven wigs - quite the untraditional handicrafts. Matthew Jordan photographs the silence and order of his bedroom, while Lisa Mraz hangs her linens out to dry on a most caustic laundry line. John Scaraga fatigues images of men and women from fashion magazines by hand – a lone and peculiar activity, equaled by Tanya Batura’s Inhale/Exhale S & M ceramic heads. John Schlue paints recipe cards from his Midwestern kitchen invoking a kind of high caloric minimalism, homespun and as purposely skewed as Wayne White’s Americana relic paintings. Katie Herzog dreams of her cat (XXX) and Joe Schmelzer continues the documentation of his life with his two partners. All in all, there are no rules, party or not, but there is a vibrancy of life that defies categories and boxes, and variance is the key and the practice. The mystery of life bubbles up through our own living room – fantastic, frightening and exhilarating – reasonable and fucked up – horny and monastic – loving and with a sharpened sword – the artists hold up the looking glass, and it is unexpectedly beautiful.

(Thank you Exene and John)