Infinity in Finite Things: Group Show / 2006

November 4 – December 30, 2006 Reception: Saturday, November 4, 5-8 pm

Jose Alvarez Oliver Arms Wallace Berman Vija Celmins Chris Duncan Till Freiwald Gordon Onslow Ford Eve Wood

Western Project is proud to present Infinity In Finite Things, an exhibition exploring ideas of completeness and continuum. From portraiture to abstraction, it is a constellation of images by “artist artist’s”; seven unique and uncompromising sensibilities. Jose Alvarez contrasts science and metaphysics with his mica crystal paintings, as Gordon Onslow Ford explored automatic painting and materiality. Wallace Berman and Vija Celmins mine popular culture with incisive and intense observation, as Eve Wood and Till Freiwald squeeze the heart of portraiture from opposite directions – the lineage of family character and the eternal human gaze. Oliver Arms and Chris Duncan share the language of concentrated and exploded imagery; Duncan uses abstraction as social metaphor and Arms manifests a visual cacophony of epic proportions. It is a universe of seemingly disparate parts threaded by an unseen but palatable nature.