Eric Freeman: New Paintings / 2007

March 24 – April 28, 2007 Opening reception for the artist: Saturday March 24th 5-8 p.m.

Western Project is pleased to present Eric Freeman’s fourth solo exhibition in Los Angeles. Freeman is a native of New York and works year round in his studio in Sagaponack, New York.

After successful shows in New York and Finland last year, he returns with museum scale paintings exploring the paradox of the void; the formless form. Each composition is a rectangle within a rectangle, an echoing image and icon. Moving away from his signature hyper-color, Freeman has stripped the palette to black and white, recalling the classicism of Reinhardt, Flavin and Turrell, and curiously, Tantric symbols. These works define emptiness and fullness—the white centers billow or recede with hues of ephemeral color, making these works a primarily phenomenological experience. Installed on four facing walls, the paintings mirror one another as radiant objects with luxuriously painted surfaces. The work presents a philosophical discourse of vision and presence, confounding the logical notion of subject and object with a disjunctive sense of singular spaciousness. The paintings beg the question: what is seen and who is seeing? In a complex and difficult era, the work speaks of a timeless unity and internally familiar beauty—our ecstatic Nature. It is an eloquent wisdom produced only by a continued sense of awe and focus.

Eric Freeman has shown in Stockholm, Budapest, Helsinki, Brussels, and New York and the Saatchi Gallery in London.