Justin Dahlberg: New Drawings / 2008

April 26 – May 24, 2008 Opening reception Saturday April 26th, 5 – 8pm.

Western Project is proud to present the first solo exhibition by Los Angeles artist, Justin Dahlberg. Since receiving his MFA from Claremont Graduate School, Dahlberg has spent the last two years refining his skills as a draftsman to extraordinary ends. With a single white or brown pencil, he creates astounding images of stillness. Continuing in the lineage of Vija Celmins and Robert Cottingham, Dahlberg is technically and aesthetically in full command of his vision. Each picture originates from photographs taken by the artist and is then translated into small and profoundly intimate renderings. Much like memory, there is no middle ground – the pictures present foreground and background, or sometimes the image is pressed to the picture plane; creating a feeling of surreal familiarity. His pictures are like strangely cropped thoughts or flashbacks. They are images of a heightened clarity, monochromatic spaces where nature is the subject and silence is primary.