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Chad Robertson: Come Together / New Paintings / 2009

"Mash –Up #12", 2008 oil on canvas, 60 x 72 inches

  April 25 – May 23, 2009

Opening reception Saturday April 25th 5 – 8pm

Western Project is proud to present a new body of work by Los Angeles artist, Chad Robertson. Come Together is a collection of paintings reflecting the cacophony of contemporary culture. Called Mash-Ups, Robertson’s paintings are images of contradiction and harmony. Using photography and found imagery from the internet, Robertson weaves image over image into implied narratives. As Mash-Up is a contemporary musical reference to the blending of two or more songs, Robertson constructs in a similar fashion, creating lush cosmologies, monochromatic or in full color. Each painting is a hallucinogenic tapestry; a kind of cinematic cubism where violence and beauty are seamlessly laced together. Be it ocean swimmers viewed from underwater or snakes poised to strike, the compositions imply a universe of random actions and events. Consider Picasso or Gabriel Marquez trolling the internet, together. Yet the works are the mind’s mirror, suggesting parallels or the continuum of time and space; memories of the past, present and future merging in and out of view. Robertson’s deft orchestration of images create new stories in motion and at once still, as though many levels of consciousness are seen simultaneously. And as with songs, the works produce a familiar or a déjà vu experience in the viewer. They function as conceptual maps to view the landscape of our shared cultural history and nature.

Chad Robertson has exhibited previously in Munich, Stockholm, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, and at Sixspace in Los Angeles.