Fortuna Rising: Gordy Grundy is the Messenger / An Online Exhibition / 2009

September 17, 2008 through February 2009

Western Project is proud to present Fortuna Rising, an epic multi-media experience by American artist Gordy Grundy. Over the next twenty-one weeks, Grundy will introduce meditations of philosophy with a new ‘event’ every week through February 28, 2009. Fortuna Rising establishes several groundbreaking art world precedents.

Populist in nature, Fortuna Rising extends itself beyond the limits of the gallery and museum complex with a show designed for Internet exhibition, a first in the art world.

The show will embrace issues of value as it gives away limited edition art prints, objects and ephemera. Breaking down the exclusionary and elitist walls of the gallery and museum, Fortuna Rising brings art and idea directly to the people, into their homes and into their computers.

A graduate of the University of Southern California, Grundy continues his exploration of philosophy through Phenomenology and pop culture. The show will debut video, distribute fine art prints and define morality with humor, insight and showmanship.

Online or in the gallery, Fortuna Rising utilizes art, video, performance and literature to tackle the issues of the ages: What is the meaning of life? Why are we here?

Iconic with word and image, Grundy declares, “Laughter Oxygenates The Soul.” A cowboy bandito blasts his way into our consciousness firing daisies, not bullets. “All Wheat, No Chaff” declares the Fortunate and minimalistic aesthetic. A bloodied and embroidered silk handkerchief compares religious wars to a bar fight. Fashion becomes religion with the declaration "Religious affiliation is no more important than the label in your collar."

The Fellowship of Fortuna, presenting itself as an institution, aims to serve as a plainspoken touchstone, a survival guide for our increasingly complex culture. It presents the value found in art and creation as a lifestyle. Acting as destroyer and redeemer, joker and sage, Fortuna meditates on the dangers of institutional thought, the hypocrisies of humanity and the strength of nature’s life force.

Grundy utilizes classical and contemporary mediums and skills: a hand-rubbed etching, a well-placed word or a watercolor stand alongside computer coding, video editing and guerrilla street work.