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Tanya Batura / Exene Cervenka / Amir H. Fallah / Will Yackulic / 2010

  Tanya Batura / Amir H. Fallah













August 14 – September 11, 2010

Reception for the artists : Saturday August 14th 6-8pm

Western Project is excited to present a summer group show of new work by four unique artists. Tanya Batura’s ceramic heads are now larger and more psychologically challenging. Her exquisitely crafted sculptures are historically linked to the sensibilities of Hans Bellmer and Louise Bourgeois. New York artist Will Yackulic's futuristic landscapes are created by thousands of marks from his typewriter on paper, or with palladium leaf and ink jet images of aluminum foil on polygonal canvases. His works are spatially confounding and sublimely mysterious.Exene Cervenka and Amir Fallah share the realm of collage, each to their own eccentric ends. Since the late 1970’s, Cervenka has drawn and collaged together language and fragments of Americana; summoning the light and the darkest parts of our history and contemporary culture. Her works are intimate worlds; systems of the moment, caustic and sublime; innate wisdom from scraps of paper. New artist to the gallery, Amir Fallah’s paintings are outrageous explosions of embellishment; mega memento mori images comprised of painted and printed floral cut outs. His mythic figure portraits recall the work of Kim Jones from the late 1980’s, along with the late works of Philip Guston. The paintings are both subversive and joyous; an intelligence of colorful means.


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