Ali Kheradyar: Dye, New Photographs

In the West Room September 10 – October 8, 2010 Reception for the artist: Saturday September 10th 6 – 8pm

Ali Kheradyar, "Lucky Betty", 2011, C-print, 48 x 36.6 inches

Western Project is proud to present Los Angeles artist, Ali Kheradyar. The new body of work, Dye, is a set of photographic images using the product Betty Hair Dye – a dye specifically designed to be safe for pubic hair. The artist discovered this product in 2009, originally developed in Europe for women who wanted to match their pubic hair to the hair on their heads. The colors are traditional blonde and brunette but are also hot pink, red, blue, purple and green. She writes:

“I started asking a lot of questions: What was this practice about? The commercialization of the female? Consumerism? Color? Challenging the male gaze, or partaking in female objectification? How are these products appealing? Is this sexy? What do these products say about sex culture and beauty now?”

Kheradyar uses the camera to document ideas about sculpture and beauty using her own body. Her reductive and close cropped pictures transform highly charged subject matter into minimal compositions – nearly abstract, in the tradition of Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Weston’s nudes. The photographs are large, 48 x 36.6 inches, emphasizing a monumental and iconic imagery. Reminiscent of Robert Gober’s minimalism, or Hess’ experimentation with chemicals and materials, or the body art of Ana Mendieta, Kheradyar has produced a kind of hybrid imagery. As she investigates concepts of behavior, strategy or complicity, and in contrast to the tradition of camouflage paint used in battle, her dye infers a new kind of stance; the ornamental is inverted as bold, unmasked, and flagrantly challenging. Perhaps it is Pop hedonism or a new warrior eros.

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