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Joe Lloyd: New Paintings, May 11 - June 8, 2013

IN THE WEST ROOMOpening reception for the artist Saturday May 11th 6 - 8pm

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Western Project is proud to present, in the West Room, a new body of work by Joe Lloyd. Recently completing his MFA from Claremont Graduate School, the artist resides and works in Long Beach, California. His new paintings are observational records of his environment: geometric forms imposed on natural topography. Land, sky and water are pressed into mathematics. Using his computer to layer transparent abstract forms over succeeding layers, the works evolve both manually and digitally. Using one painting to create the next with his computer is a synthetic process yet more a drawing technique to multiply possibilities of combinations and forms. In lineage of historic painters such as Diebenkorn and Matisse, Lloyd's practice looks at the natural world for clues of color and composition. As his predecessors, his work rests in geometric artifice, a cerebral vision of the tangible and ineffable.

Lloyd has shown at the Torrance Art Museum, California Srtate University Long Beach, and Den Contemporary in Los Angeles, California.

Ultramarine Pattern 53 x 39 2012

On view in the Main Room: NICOLAS SHAKE: Significance Swells: New Painting, Sculpture, Photography