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Review: "Created Just for the Moment" By Christopher Knight: Los Angeles Times Art Critic Nicolas Shake at Western Project


Friday, May 24, 2013 D12

Nicolas Shake, Come Along, 2013 Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Rag Paper 32 x 48 inches, Edition of 3

In the desert, Nicolas Shake piles up old tires, dried palm fronds, mounds of dirt, wooden pallets, old car parts and other stuff scavenged from remote roadsides then decorates them with colored lights. As night falls the makeshift temporary sculptures are photographed, the resulting prints becoming permanent records of an ephemeral art.

In Shake's five photographs at Western Project, the slow slide between daylight and darkness underscores the transitory nature of the subject, which is an art conceived as something with a fragile life span rather than being timeless er eternal. three cast-plastic sculptures - an overturned shopping cart, a knotted palm frond and a disk composed fo tire tracks in the sand - continue the evanescent theme.

Shake is also able to transfer this motif to large abstract paintings.

Nicolas Shake: Significance Swells is on view through June 8, 2013 See press release and installation shots HERE

See the review online at the LA Times website HERE