ArtScene October 2013: Continuing and Reccomended: Mark Dean Veca

Mark Dean Veca: 20 Years - Selected Works from the New Monograph; September 2013

Mark Dean Veca’s lines squirm across the familiar image of the American icon in "Flag 2." It’s as though he squished a small intestine within the iconic symbol and allowed it to ooze and melt like cheese falling off the side of a toasted sandwich. While the exhibit is not large, this small survey of his work jumps off the walls. The exhibition was organized to celebrate a recent monograph published by Zero + Publishing. "Just Win" is one of the most impressive pieces. It’s a menagerie of iconic symbols that are tied together through an organic green cloud. In between this floating glob, we see cartoons, detached eyes, and a range of notable pop culture symbols. From the logo of the Oakland Raiders, whose late owner’s (Al Davis) motto for the team was “Just win baby,” to a radiant Rabbit sculpture in the center by Jeff Koons, who is best known for auction records. Mixing bright colors, excitable forms, and a knack for cultural touchstones, the result is a pop surrealism explosion that doesn’t disappoint (Western Project, Culver City).