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NANCY RIEGELMAN: Glass Tongues (West Room)

March 29 - May 3, 2014Opening Reception: Saturday, March 29, 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Western Project is proud to present in the West Room, the fourth solo exhibition by Los Angeles artist, Nancy Riegleman. Glass Tongues is an installation made up of one hundred suspended glass sculptures, accompanied by two ornate and complex ink drawings. This work continues her interest in the human body and its possibilities:

“My work orders chaos precisely, shaping it and pulling it to a place of its own. By isolating the tongue, my aim was to unhinge it from its shelter, allowing it to perform itself. In this way I am addressing the body¹s confinement and its attempts to press past its own limitations. The objects and drawings are simultaneously part of and apart from myself. They are physical, but reach beyond the body¹s perception of itself. In this way, this exhibition rarefies the oddity of the body, drawing the viewer in to experience it in multiple reiterations.”

Hung from the ceiling by nylon filament, the glass objects form a cloud-like structure, reflecting and refracting light. The clear glass material appears both liquid and ephemeral. At once elegant, the overall effect is both buoyant and uneasy. The hand-blown tongue shapes are each unique in contour and shape, measuring up to two feet long. The fragility of the material is multiplied by the quantity hung in space. As body parts, they suggest voice, language and communication, yet deteched from their source. In a group they convey a chorus, a performative group subject to the flow of air currents and light. Historically, the artist has used her own body rhythms to create images, but now eternal rhythms and conditions make the ‘body’ perform. Riegelman has invented a silent symphony of objects; a floating formation of silent declarations: one hundred different tongues in concert alone and as an entity.

Riegelman is in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Frederick R. Weisman Foundation, Los Angeles and the Louvre. She has shown in Paris, France, Bombay, India, Seoul, Korea, at Art Center College of Art and Design, Pasadena, the Los Angeles County Art Museum, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions,  Long Beach Museum, and many other galleries and museums through out the United States.

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