CHRISTIAN TEDESCHI -5244 Baltimore - New Sculpture and Collages

May 10 – June 7, 2014Opening reception for the artist Saturday May 10th 6 – 8pm

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Western Project is proud to present the first solo exhibition by Los Angeles sculptor, Christian Tedeschi. He is an MFA graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2001 and co-founder of the infamous Detroit art collective, Object Orange. Titled, 5244 Baltimore (the address of his residence) the artist has built a facsimile of his front porch along with other sculptures, establishing uncanny narratives and experiences. 5244 Baltimore is a doppelganger roofed structure as portrait, mirror, stage set; a kind of hermetic history tableau. His new veranda exists as evidence of the artist’s process and his direct relationship with materials. More, the work explores space as metaphor:

“I am interested in the shape of a horse’s saddle, a hyperbolic paraboloid. A complex form which exhibits an interior and exterior space simultaneously. When I think of this form I see an abstract representation of the human condition; to exist inside and outside of this material body. It is self reflection, self awareness and the impossibility of containing these forces.”

Tedeschi’s use of found and constructed materials examine notions of the ideal and the damaged; concurrent polarities of the human condition. Rebuilding an aspect of his domestic environment presents an odd familiar likeness, a faux partial habitat, producing an uneasy David Lynch-ian feel. It is the directness of his methodology which belays the awkwardness and preciousness of most art/architectural fabrication. Construction materials are treated as such; his frontal approach is both incisive and psychological.

Other works in the exhibition mine similar territories of replication and space. His Blind installation employs a two sided wood paneled structure with matching, lighted window blinds. It is a walk-around wall, impenetrable and off-putting with a Twilight Zone stillness. In contrast – and adjacent, is an old broom strung to a slow whirling ceiling fan, bumping and brushing the ground in relentless circles. Both these works present a kind of banal and situational activity/anxiety similar to Bruce Nauman’s frustrating 1960’s and 70’s art. Tedeschi further plays the opposite chords with his framed and resin soaked images of tropical paradise. The collages are Home Depot generic sunsets with hailing cutlery; images of nature and culture in a continuous, endless battle.

Verity is the fuel of Tedeschi’s work. Open-handed and flat-footed, he is able to the petition the ordinary into mysterious and often contrary experiences.

Tedeschi lives and works in Los Angeles. He is Assistant Professor in Sculpture at California State University, Northridge. His solo exhibition, Throwing the blanket over the invisible man, was recently seen at the California Baptist University, Riverside, California. He was also included in “Reverberation”, curated by Andre Woodward at the Huntington Arts Center, “Object Orange” Spontaneous Interventions: Design Actions for the Common Good, U.S. Pavilion Venice Architecture Biennial, Venice, Italy; and has exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago; FELTspace, Adelaide, South Australia; Pavilion am Milchof, Berlin, Germany; Free Museum Of Dallas, Dallas, Texas; Occidental College, Los Angeles, California and numerous other galleries and institutions.

His work has been written about in Newsweek, LA WEEKLY, Art LTD, Bloomberg Press, San Diego Union Tribune, and many other art publications. Tedeschi’s art has also been the subject on All Things Considered, on National Public Radio.

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