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JOE LLOYD - New Paintings

July 26 - August 29, 2014  

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Western Project is proud to present to present the first solo exhibition by Southern California artist, Joe Lloyd. An MFA graduate of Claremont Graduate School, he now lives and works in Long Beach, California. Focusing on systems and patterns, his paintings appear highly composed; however, the choices he makes are spontaneous and experimental. He writes:

“My earlier paintings were primarily about geometric shapes, but now I think it is much more interesting to process geometry as symmetry and pattern. The symmetry I make is not balanced, and my patterns are not decorative or geometric, they are more like organic or random types of patterns like wood grains and shotgun blasts. Geometry is not sacred and formalism isn’t pure. My paintings are about the imperfection of geometry.”

Lloyds abstractions are decided by layering forms and line digitally as well as by hand. It is the back and forth process which creates multiple possibilities so the compositions are both synthetic and organic in origin. Lloyd’s ‘imperfect’ geometry appears balanced and formal yet has numerous unexpected visual twists; he creates a kind of mind-game, bending the viewer’s eye with rhythmic color choices and slippery, offset compositions. As the images are complex, one can not see the whole picture at once; fragments pull and wrest the eye in a kind of acid cubism akin to Ron Davis’ 1970s canvases and Al Held’s epic late hallucinogenic works. Lloyd’s is a contortionist’s spatial logic suggesting natural and architectural sources: land, sea and sky, building schematics and freeway overpasses of Southern California; all pressed into mathematical formations with a cogent but rogue attitude.

Joe Lloyd is currently profiled in the July issue of Angeleno magazine. He has shown at the Torrance Art Museum, California State University Long Beach and Den Contemporary in Los Angeles, Vast Space Projects, Las Vegas, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, California and Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington, among other venues.