Romancing the West: A Legacy of American Images : Featuring work from Carole Caroompas

Romancing the West: A Legacy of American Images

William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art

On view: June 10–July 11, 2016
This exhibition predominantly features work from the William Rolland Art Collection. Including paintings, sculptures and drawings, the exhibit highlights how Western-themed art influenced ideas about what America is, abroad and at home. Beginning with images of the late 19th-century frontier and early 20th-century works, the exhibition tracks the social, political and cultural implications of these images, while showcasing gorgeous examples of modern and contemporary works.

Artists featured include István Benyovszky, Carole Caroompas, Nicholas Coleman, Cyrus Edwin Dallin, Glenn Dean, Tracy Felix, David Grossmann, Logan Maxwell Hagege, Frank Tenney Johnson, Roy Kerswill, Jeremy Lipking, Albert Micale, Billy Schenck, Harold Shelton and Oleg Stavrowsky.