11 YEARS - Anniversary Group Show: December 6 - 23, 2014

11th year Anniversary Exhibition

Ron Athey / Josh Bolin / Daniel Brice / Thomas Burke / Carole Caroompas / Cole Case / Alec Egan / Samantha Fields / Bob Flanagan and Sheree Rose / Tim Forcum / Eric Freeman / Sush Machida Gaikotsu / Margaret Griffith / Dion Johnson / Ali Kheradyar / Patrick Lee / Joe Lloyd / Zachari Logan / Bob Mizer / Matthew Penkala / Nancy Riegelman / Chad Robertson / Joe Schmelzer / Nicolas Shake / Aaron Sheppard / Arne Svenson / Christian Tedeschi / Tom of Finland / Mark Dean Veca / Wayne White / Jessica Wimbley

Western Project proudly presents our 11th Year Anniversary Exhibition marking a decade and a year of programming. As one of the pioneer galleries of the Culver City arts district, the show will include gallery artists and some special guests; each an irregular, unruly and often impolite force of nature, all burdened with the disease of individual thinking and a call to find a greater depth of human experience. We celebrate with abandon and humor, knowing our job is yet unfinished.

Eric Freeman: New Paintings

March 31 – May 5, 2012 Opening reception for the artist Saturday March 31st 6-8pm

Western Project is proud to present the first exhibition of work by Eric Freeman in five years. Exhibiting primarily in Europe since 2007, the New York artist returns with a new body of oil paintings rich in color and complexity. By combining beeswax with oil paint and iridescent pigments, Freeman leaps in to a new territory of luminous abstraction. Using bold compositions that simultaneously mirror technology and nature, and blur the notions of artificial and natural, the work references science fiction and mythological allegories; the still or flickering light from 2001: A Space Odyssey collides with the solemn northern hues of Casper David Frederick’s landscapes. But perhaps the paintings are more akin to the phenomenological light in the works of James Turrell, or rave concert-lighting – each an evocative and often disjunctive experience – both visually and bodily.

Freeman has entwined many historical and contemporary ideas into his classic vision this time using overlapping or horizontal bands of color. Echoes of Barnett Newman’s paintings or a sunrise over the Aegean come to mind. Landscape is immediately referenced and then interrupted by a vertical column of light in the paintings. It is the contrasting compositional format which slyly creates indeterminate spatial relationships in each work – what is foreground, what is surface, what color is it exactly, for the colors shift as one moves around the canvas, enhanced by his use of iridescent pigments.  The pictures never appear the same twice and the viewer's experience of the painting is never the same twice. The subtle shifting of color in the paintings is in tenuous contrast with the sensuous surfaces of paint; these are grittier and more anxious works, slippery beauty at once urbane and ethereal.

Eric Freeman’s work was recently acquired by the Parrish Art Museum in Southampton, New York. He has shown at the Wetterling Gallery in Stockholm, Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Alain Noirhomme, Brussels, Mary Boone Gallery, Stephen Stux Gallery and Feature Gallery in New York, Glen Horowitz Gallery in East Hampton, and the Saatchi Gallery in London and is included in the Saatchi collection. His work is also in the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation and the Kiasma – Helsinki Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland.

For further information and images, please contact the gallery: cliff@western-project.com or 310-838-0609.

Also in the West Room: Aaron Sheppard: Five New Paintings

Western Project - The First Six Years / Group Show / 2009

November 7 – December 30, 2009 Opening reception Saturday November 7th 5-8pm.

Jason Adkins, Oliver Arms, Ron Athey, Tanya Batura, Heimir Björgúlfsson, Daniel Brice, Thomas Burke, Carole Caroompas, Cole Case, Exene Cervenka, Kris Chatterson, Justin Dahlberg, Michael Dee, Tom of Finland, Eric Freeman, Sush Machida Gaikotsu, Martin Gunsaullus, Ellina Kevorkian, Patrick Lee, Bob Mizer, Michael Reafsnyder, Nancy Riegelman, Chad Robertson, Joe Schmelzer, Aaron Sheppard, Arne Svneson, Vincent Valdez, Mark Dean Veca, Wayne White, Eve Wood, Yek

Western Project is pleased to present, The First Six Years, an anniversary exhibition of the gallery and its artists. Thirty one artists are included with new or recent works. The exhibition is also a celebration of the founding of the arts community in Culver City; Western Project being the third gallery to open its doors in November of 2003.

Eric Freeman: New Paintings / 2007

March 24 – April 28, 2007 Opening reception for the artist: Saturday March 24th 5-8 p.m.

Western Project is pleased to present Eric Freeman’s fourth solo exhibition in Los Angeles. Freeman is a native of New York and works year round in his studio in Sagaponack, New York.

After successful shows in New York and Finland last year, he returns with museum scale paintings exploring the paradox of the void; the formless form. Each composition is a rectangle within a rectangle, an echoing image and icon. Moving away from his signature hyper-color, Freeman has stripped the palette to black and white, recalling the classicism of Reinhardt, Flavin and Turrell, and curiously, Tantric symbols. These works define emptiness and fullness—the white centers billow or recede with hues of ephemeral color, making these works a primarily phenomenological experience. Installed on four facing walls, the paintings mirror one another as radiant objects with luxuriously painted surfaces. The work presents a philosophical discourse of vision and presence, confounding the logical notion of subject and object with a disjunctive sense of singular spaciousness. The paintings beg the question: what is seen and who is seeing? In a complex and difficult era, the work speaks of a timeless unity and internally familiar beauty—our ecstatic Nature. It is an eloquent wisdom produced only by a continued sense of awe and focus.

Eric Freeman has shown in Stockholm, Budapest, Helsinki, Brussels, and New York and the Saatchi Gallery in London.

Group Show / 2004

February 21 through March 27, 2004 Opening reception: Saturday, February 21st 5 – 8pm.

Selected works by:

Billy Al Bengston Eric Freeman John McLaughlin Justin Moore Nancy Picot Riegelman Edward Ruscha Robert Therrien

Western Project is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculpture by seven artists.

For further information and images, contact the gallery at 310-838-0609, or


Eric Freeman: New Paintings / 2004

October 30–December 30, 2004

Reception for the artist: Saturday, October 30th 5-8pm.

Western Project is proud to present Eric Freeman’s third solo exhibition in Southern California. Freeman is a native of Long Island and works year round in his studio in Sagaponack, New York. He has shown in Stockholm, Budapest and New York, at the Mary Boone Gallery.

The show will consist of five monumental paintings; different architectural compositions – each visionary and emblematic. Previously, Freeman referred to landscape in his paintings. This body of work references modernist abstraction: Flavin, Leger, Newman, and Turrell.  Freeman tweaks historical classicism with his insistent color and bold compositions, giving the work a hyper-contemporary appearance. He has created works which optically bend the edges of the canvases, creating immense sculptural fields of light. It is the radiance of Freeman’s color that creates the content – tunnels of light, singular and intersecting, emphatic in scale (eight and nine feet square), demanding and producing an ecstatic beauty. Each work is a visual tremor, recalling Rothko, Hendrix, Melville and other historic artists who saw the illusion and connection of the human and natural world with awe.

For further information and visuals, please contact the gallery at

310-838-0609, or www.western-project.com

For immediate release:

Eric Freeman New Paintings

October 30–December 30, 2004

Reception for the artist: Saturday, October 30th 5-8pm.

For immediate release:

Eric Freeman New Paintings

October 30–December 30, 2004

Reception for the artist: Saturday, October 30th 5-8pm.